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At Kitchen Remodel Fort Worth, we want to ensure that no part of your kitchen is ignored. Unfortunately, the kitchen paint is overlooked or poorly done. However, our experts take note of every contrasting element of your kitchen to ensure that the paint blends in with the overall aesthetic.

Here are some guidelines we use to ensure the selection of the best paint for your kitchen remodel.

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Choosing a Color Scheme

When you come to us for the first consultation, we ask you about your preferred color scheme. While most homeowners prefer neutral tones, some want louder colors, and we’re all for it. If you don’t have a certain color scheme in mind, you can choose from one of our samples.

The point of choosing a color scheme is to ensure that nothing in your kitchen looks out of place. Plus, we want you to walk into a room that makes you happy, and colors play a huge role in that.

Tie In With The Cabinets

When choosing the paint color for the kitchen walls, you have to consider the overall picture, and cabinets make a big chunk of this imagery. Therefore, we assist you in choosing colors that go with your cabinets and their woody undertones.

Neutral Tones for the Countertops

While there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with colors, it’s best to keep the countertops neutral since they are the focal points in the kitchen.

Having neutral countertops will also allow you to paint the walls a color other than white.

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Match Colors With The Lighting

When selecting the kitchen paint colors, keep in mind that the light would reflect off the walls, countertops, and cabinets. Thus, these paint colors must be in sync with the effect the lights have on the ambiance of the kitchen.

For instance, if you have softer pendant lights, the paint colors must be neutral rather than in-your-face bright.

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