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At Kitchen Remodel Fort Worth, we understand that when you design a kitchen, you must perfect every inch of the room since you’ll have to live with the remodel for many years. That’s why we consider everything, from your budget and preferences to aesthetic appeal and in-trend options, to ensure the remodel unites you with your dream kitchen.

To ensure that, we follow a set process that always yields good results.

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Kitchen Design Fort Worth

List the Needs and Wants

Kitchen remodeling projects often end up being a disappointment because homeowners fail to pre-plan properly. At Kitchen Remodeling Fort Worth, we advise you on how to plan the remodel efficiently.

Firstly, you must separate your needs from wants, especially if you’re running low on budget. While having a baking oven is a need, the fancy light fixtures are a ‘want’ and can be put away for the time being.

We suggest our clients make this list after assessing their reasons for the remodel. Are you remodeling because the kitchen seems too cluttered or small?

Do you maybe want to make space for a dining area? Are the appliances outdated? Do you simply want a remodel because the kitchen makes you want to run out the second you walk in because of how unattractive it looks?

Consider all these things to make a list of items you need according to priority.

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Draw a Floor Plan

Here’s when our experts come in and help you devise a floor plan for the kitchen. If you want to install a dining area or make room for the new fridge, this is the step where we plan all of these changes.

Plan a Layout

Maybe your old kitchen doesn’t appeal to you because of how it has been laid out. It’s essential to have a practical and attractive layout in your kitchen since you want the space to feel welcoming.

Our experts follow the working triangle layout, dividing the kitchen into three points: food storage, cooking, and cleaning area.

Choose a Design

If you have any designs in mind, share them with us. Otherwise, our experts will help you choose a design from our curated collection. From traditional to contemporary, we’ve got it all in store for you.

Choose the Materials

At this point, we’ll help you choose the materials for every part of the kitchen, such as the floors, cabinets, countertops, etc. In doing so, we consider your budget, the kitchen’s layout, and your preferences.

Select a Color Scheme

Kitchens don’t always have to be white or brown. Nowadays, we’re noticing a lot many neutral tones in the countertops and attention-grabbing hues for the cabinets.

Whether you want to go with the good old whites and grays or get a little funky, you can share your ideas with us.

Select the Worktops

All your culinary action happens on the worktops, so they must be convenient to work on and blend in with the rest of the room. Although laminate is the most popular option, we also offer other choices.

Walls and Flooring

At this point, the kitchen starts coming together. Once we help you select the walls and flooring for your kitchen, the whole look starts tying in.

Add Lighting

Your kitchen lighting must complement the cabinets and the countertops since they remain the focal points in the room.

Good lighting facilitates you during cooking and also highlights different features in your kitchen. We help you select the lighting based on your preferences for the ambiance and accents.

Finish With Windows

To bring the kitchen design to a close, we help you select the right windows that are functional and go with the kitchen’s interior decor. The best kitchen window lets sufficient natural light come in while allowing air circulation to regulate the room’s humidity.

If you want to install blinds or shutters, we can assist you in that too.

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