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Choosing the right kitchen cabinets for the remodel is vital because cabinets come in everyday use. Thus, they must be durable and have the ability to withstand minor to major wear and tear. Here are a few things we consider when helping you choose the right kitchen cabinets.

  • What is their material? Are they made of solid wood?
  • Do dovetail joints hold the cabinets in place firmly?
  • Are the doors easy to open and close?
  • Can the hinges be adjusted?
  • Are they water-resistant?

Asking these questions is essential because the answers help you select cabinets that will fit your aesthetic and culinary needs.

Cabinets for Kitchens in Fort Worth

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Kitchen Cabinets Fort Worth

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Fort Worth

While there are different kitchen cabinets, you’ll find them categorized into two types.

Frameless Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets have thicker boxes. The drawers and doors attach directly to the box. Since there’s no frame extending from the storage area, you have full access to the interior. These cabinets are suitable for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Framed Cabinets

These cabinets have a box and a frame. The frame acts as a reinforcement for the drawers and doors to be attached to. Framed cabinets fit well in tighter spaces, so they’re suitable for smaller kitchen spaces.

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Kitchen Cabinets Installation Fort Worth

We offer the following options, and many more, for kitchen cabinets Fort Worth installation:

Two-toned Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re using dual tones in the kitchen flooring and walls, we install two-toned cabinets to match the existing color scheme of the room.

High Gloss Cabinets

By using reflective surfaces on the kitchen cabinets, we make them easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe the cabinets with a damp cloth, and they’ll be good as new.

Floating Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets have a modern feel to them and emphasize the kitchen floors since they rest slightly above the flooring rather than extending all the way.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners who opt for a natural vibe tend to love these cabinets since they bring an earthy feel to the kitchen. Plus, they’re quite durable and long-lasting.

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