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A well-lit kitchen inspires you to cook new recipes and spend time in the kitchen instead of snacking on the living room couch. Plus, if you have friends and family over, they’d love to sit in your kitchen’s dining area, provided the room has cozy accent lighting.

At Kitchen Remodeling Fort Worth, we know the potential good lighting holds. That’s why we make it a matter of importance for the kitchen.

Lighting for Kitchens in Fort Worth

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Kitchen Lightning Fort Worth

You must not overlook the necessity of kitchen lighting during a remodel for the following reasons:

  • Maximum Visibility: When you’re working with different ingredients, you need maximum visibility to ensure that you’re using the right spice or herb. Well-placed light fixtures illuminate the countertops substantially, making it comfortable for you to prepare the ingredients.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: Most parts of the countertops are often shadowed by the cabinets. Therefore, it’s vital to have lights under the cabinet to illuminate the kitchen's darker spaces.
  • Ambiance: Nowadays, homeowners have many options, from LED light bulbs to warm lighting strips, to change the overall vibe of the kitchen. You can choose anything from a cool and minimalistic feel to a warm, golden-toned homey vibe.
  • Atmosphere: As much as we romanticize cooking, preparing multiple meals a day can be a bit tiresome and even boring at times. However, if you have impactful and uplighting lighting in your kitchen, it will allow you to enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Lighting Fort Worth

Like any other room in your house, the kitchen also needs different lights depending on their placement and function.

Overall Light

The overall light determines the ambiance of the kitchen. If you have large windows in the kitchen, you might get substantial natural light during the morning hours, but as the sun sets, you need strong light inside to prepare dinner.

Most homeowners opt for overall white light since it goes with the gray or white kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is intended for certain tasks. For instance, the lighting under your cabinet is helpful when you’re preparing something on the countertop. Likewise, if there’s a dim corner in the kitchen, like beside the microwave, you may want to install a light there.

Pendant Lights

Although a bit on the pricier side, pendant lights are excellent for the kitchen island. They emit a soft glow, making the dining area a comfortable zone.

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Decorative Lighting

If you don’t have the budget for splurging, you can skip these lights.

They add a bling to your kitchen - sort of like an accessory to a party gown. Alternatively, decorative lights are a remarkable way to spice up an otherwise simple and bland kitchen aesthetic.

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