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Kitchen flooring, although often ignored, is one of the most important parts of the room. At Kitchen Remodeling Fort Worth, we take great care in installing the best floors for your kitchen because we know choosing the right flooring can be a game-changer.

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Kitchen Flooring Fort Worth

Here are some aspects we keep in mind when recommending you the right flooring for your kitchen:

Easy to Clean

Kitchens are where most of the messy activities happen. From cooking and baking to having breakfast when you’re in a rush for work, a kitchen is a place that attracts mess like no other room in the house.

So, it’s only logical for the kitchen floors to gather stains, marks, spills, and food crumbs. That’s why kitchen flooring Fort Worth must be easy to clean. We help you choose kid and family-friendly kitchen flooring so that you don’t have to spend hours on making the floors spotless.

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Must Be Resistant

Kitchen flooring must also be durable since the room is subjected to continuous foot traffic. Thus, we help you select kitchen floors that can stand the test of time. Furthermore, our chosen kitchen floors are grease and water-resistant, preventing any damage from your daily ingredients.

We don’t promise an eternally lasting kitchen floor, but we assure you that you won’t need to replace it for at least a decade.


Kitchens are magnets for accidents, and every homeowner knows that. From kids slipping on water spills to guests crowding in the room and toppling things over, a lot could go wrong. Therefore, it’s crucial for kitchen floors to be safe and anti-slip.

At Kitchen Remodeling Fort Worth, we have installed countless kitchen floors, so we know which materials are comfortable on your feet and slip-resistant to keep your kids out of harm’s way.

Kitchen Flooring Options

With time, the options for kitchen flooring have not only increased but also gotten better and more aesthetically pleasing.


Hardwood is one of the first flooring options that come to mind, whether it’s for your kitchen or the living room. They’re easy to clean and add a contemporary charm to your kitchen.

However, the problem with hardwood floors is their lack of water-resistance. Over time, exposure to water can bloat hardwood flooring. However, we work around this problem by adding a polyurethane finish to your floors.

The protective coating does not dim the shine of your hardwood floors but makes them moisture-resistant.


Laminate is affordable, easy to clean, and comes in a ton of designs. Owing to the design options, you can get laminate flooring that resembles porcelain, wood, or ceramic tiles.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, the laminate floor is also a homeowners’ favorite for its water-tightness.


Vinyl is a pocket-friendly alternative to linoleum but boasts similar features. For one, it looks absolutely stunning against any kind of interior decor. Second, it’s easy to maintain, so you won’t have to do much post-installation work on it.

More importantly, it’s water-resistant and lasts for ten to fifteen years.

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